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Bruce Reeves

LGBTQ+ Older Adults - Informing Cultural Competence

It is estimated that there are approximately 3 million LGBT adults aged 50 and older in the United States. That number is expected to grow to around 7 million by 2030. This presentation will provide an overview of older LGBTQ+ adults’ unique needs and experiences so that service providers, advocates, the aging network, and policymakers can consider these factors when serving this population.


Kelsey Buell

Stress to Success

If you’re struggling to engage in your job amid constant challenges and pressures, you are not alone and could be on the fast track to burnout.
Are you working long hours? Are you feeling exhausted, stressed, and worn out? What steps are you taking to prevent and manage stress?

In this session we will cover:
• What is stress and how can I prevent it?
• What negative talk tracks are causing me stress?
• What is my true definition of success?
• How can I align with my “why”?


Pam Wall

Life Isn't About Waiting for the Storm to Pass...

This session's objectives center around embracing the moment and rising above the aging process.


Dr. Jody Janati

Balance Your Conflict

Got Conflict? Find your Conversation Peace. Most people have come to accept that conflict is inevitable. Assertive communication promotes healthy boundaries and can transform conflict during difficult conversations. There are a number of conflict management workshops offered each year, yet rarely does the facilitator tell participants exactly what should be said or done. The purpose of this workshop is to specifically address, "What do I say and do" when dealing with people during difficult situations to avoid destructive patterns. Participants will learn how to control their anger and emotions, be assertive and effectively defuse conflict through a variety of applied approaches. Multiple techniques will be discussed to demonstrate that practical solutions are attainable through a variety of step by step methods.


Chelsey Asiala

Aging and Stroke: Risk, Rehabilitation, and Resources

This presentation will focus on the effects of aging and stroke - including the risk factors that can increase the chances of having a stroke, as well as what can be done to decrease these risks. The presentation will then focus on what rehabilitation techniques can be done to help improve a patient’s quality of life if they have sustained a stroke, including what resources are available in North Dakota to provide assistance to this patient population and its caregivers.


Kelly Costello

Caregiver Health & Wellbeing

The presentation will provide an overview of the Fargo VA’s approach to healthcare using the Whole Health model, the importance of incorporating Whole Health principles into self-care, considerations for the impact on a caregiver’s health, and how Caregiver Health & Wellbeing coaching is being used in the VA Caregiver Support Program to assist a CG in reaching their own, value driven goals.


Bao Vang

Spot, Stop and Report Scams

Better Business Bureau believes a healthy marketplace thrives with informed consumers and ethical business leaders. In this workshop, BBB will empower seniors and caregivers to spot, stop and report scams. Attendees will leave understanding how to lower their risk for falling victim, common scammer tactics, red flags and top ways to protect your identity and money.



Mental Health & Suicide Awareness

This presentation was developed by FirstLink using more than 35 years of crisis intervention experience, in combination with the latest research on mental health and suicide. It provides an overview of common mental health conditions, covers the prevalence of mental health challenges and suicide, and introduces a 3-step action plan for offering help.


Krisie Barron

The Human Experience of Caregiving

Taking care of ourselves isn’t only about eating green things and exercising. Taking care of ourselves means taking care of the stories we tell ourselves. This session will discuss how humanness impacts the way caregivers deliver care and how we as humans move through change.


Beth Sanford

Addressing Vitamin D Deficiency to Improve Health Outcomes and Decrease Healthcare Costs in an Aging Population

1. Participants will be able to state the serum vitamin D concentration recommended by an international panel of 48 scientists.

2. Participants will be able to list three health benefits to achieving and maintaining an optimal vitamin D concentration of 40-60 ng/mL.

3. Participants will be able to identify resources to aid individuals and healthcare professionals in supporting optimal vitamin D concentrations.


Leacey Brown

How to Stay in Your Home Longer

Remaining in the home is important to many of us as we age. The unfortunate news is that many of us are living in homes that cannot meet our needs after we develop disabilities. This presentation will describe difficulties finding accessible housing and the need for home modifications. Attendees will learn key things they need to know to remain in their home, including the types of renovations or changes they might need, as well as options for financing accessibility renovations. Attendees will also learn about efforts to improve the visibility of home modifications in North Dakota and South Dakota.


Kristen Fischer

Professional Boundaries: Pearls, Pitfalls and Professional Obligations

Given the sometimes long-term nature of the relationship between patients/clients and the providers who care for them, maintaining professional boundaries is essential. This is especially true in rural areas where dual relationships can be challenging to avoid. However, not everyone is able to do this instinctively or intuitively, and tools and support are needed to demonstrate professional boundaries adequately, but compassionately.


Nancy Joyner

Health Care Directives- It’s Not Just a Document

If you were in a car accident tonight, would your family and the healthcare team know your wishes? Who would make decisions for you? What if your condition became irreversible and your recovery was unknown? These are questions people may face with serious illness and have never had conversations about the “what if.” Serious illness conversations should occur early before one is not able to make decisions. This presentation will provide guidance into starting these conversations with the end result of a beneficial health care directive.


Patrick Kasper

POSITIVE+MOTION “Movement with a Message”

This presentation energizes team members to ignite their Passion, Programs and Purpose in a fun, entertaining, and interactive session. Patrick teaches the participants in a unique and creative way to utilize their momentum to ignite their energy with the goal to Inspire, Encourage and Motivate everyone. The POSITIVE+MOTION “call to action” encourages the participants to be proactive messengers so to impact their community while living and sharing their experience in Positive Motion.

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