Dr. Laurie Dahley, MSW/LISW, PhD and Associate Professor/Field Director

“The Power of Our Stories"

Our life story reveals who we are and what we value. Professionals often conduct these powerful conversations with the clients upon admission or start of service and may view the process another piece of mandatory documentation. Family communication also changes at end-of-life moving the focus of conversations to the younger generation. This session will explore the use of a structured life review conducted in the presence of family members and its impact on the client and family interactions transforming the interview from a required documentation process to a transformative intervention for the resident and family.

"Ethics Through a Moral Courage Lens"

When exploring ethics we often focus on the Code of Ethics but this leaves out the important component of moral courage which plays a significant role in our decision making process. This session will build on the work of Bryan, Sanders, and Kaplan along with other researchers exploring how we might strengthen our moral courage to not only know what is the right decision, but move forward with confidence.


Kristen Fischer, LMSW, NSW-C

“Moral Distress in the Helping Professions”

Participants will learn to identify moral distress in themselves and colleagues, distinguish it from psychological distress (focusing on the ethical context), and develop processes to address and cope with the situations and constraints that contribute to moral distress. Case examples will illustrate common scenarios that lead to moral distress. A framework for addressing and working through moral distress, personally and in a team environment will be discussed. Specific factors inherent in the Covid-19 pandemic that contribute to moral distress will be reviewed.


Dr. Donald Jurivich

“Resiliency-Driven Healthy Lifespans”

This presentation will reveal how biological and chronological aging are not always matched. For the first time in history, we now have medical tools to slow and reverse the aging process, thus contributing to people who are biologically younger than their stated age. Research shows that healthy lifespans are driven by physical, behavioral and social factors most often demonstrated by Centenarians or exceptional agers.


Jim Sterling, PhD, CHC

“Resiliency in Healthcare”

A review of resiliency as a key tool for healthcare professionals to stay the course in challenging times and progress in attaining positions of progressive leadership. Techniques, skills, and tips will be discussed to aid in successful navigation of pandemics, disasters, and other emergencies. Examples and lessons learned will be provided from Dr. Sterling’s 40+ year career in the private, public, profit, and nonprofit sectors, and why he now teaches new and mid-career healthcare professionals.


Skyler Dutton

"Personal Safety - Protecting Yourself and Loved Ones When It Counts"

Understanding how to protect yourself and your loved ones from imminent danger is an important skill but can be tricky to navigate. In this training we will cover common threats to personal safety and ways to mitigate the danger when seconds count and help is minutes away.


Katie Johnke, RDN, LRD, CLC

“Healthy Living for the Second Half of Life”

What do you need to feel positive about aging? Not everyone has as much support as one needs or as many opportunities as one would like. Still, most older adults are happy, and healthy living later in life is a goal that all individuals can pursue. This presentation will highlight four key dimensions of positive aging to keep you living healthy in the second half of life.


Renee Rongen - Professional Speaker, Author & Consultant

"Life's Your Legacy... LIVE IT!"

Change…Navigating Life’s Detours: Life is full of twists, turns and detours; how you navigate through the roadblocks, keep track of your gauges and adjust your mirrors along the way will have a direct effect on your journey. Renee’s tips for embracing the uncontrolled detour (as well as replacing the battery in your GPS) will have you laughing in your driver’s seat and enjoying the road less traveled.


Rev. Dr. Aaron Suomala Folkerds

"Finding New Life in the Midst of Loss"

Living through the Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it a host of losses and many of these losses have been hard to name. This presentation will focus on working to name one’s loss experience and how to find new life in the midst of suffering, pain and struggle. The process of naming one’s losses is the first step to finding new life and growth. The presentation will focus on creatively naming loss through art, music, poetry, religious writings and personal narrative. Loss represents the end of something, but it also marks the beginning of something new.


Terry Eckmann, Ph. D.

"Thriving Through Life's Journey"

Embrace the many demands of life with a perspective that can enhance your personal and professional life. Thrive through the ups and downs with tools and strategies that can help you make the most of every day. Recognize the power of a positive attitude. Explore key choices that can help you make a difference on the journey through change! This session is “you time”! A humorous and thoughtful presentation filled with research-based practices.

“Live with Grit and Grace – Building Resiliency One Choice at a Time”

Grit – Passion and Perseverance. Grace – Elegance and Beauty of Action. Live with Grit & Grace to build resiliency. Explore key lifestyle choices that enhance overall health and well-being throughout the lifespan. Identify 10-15 effective research-based strategies to increase activity level, improve eating habits, manage stress, and improve attitude. Practice a number of life hacks to fit fitness and overall wellness into day-to-day life. Have the confidence to practice the power of simple choices.


Susan E. Johnson-Drenth, CELA, RN

“Deep Dive into North Dakota and Minnesota Medicaid Rules for Married and Single Folks”

Medicaid rules and laws are constantly changing, especially in regards to married couples. Join us for an in-depth review of the well-known and not so well-known North Dakota and Minnesota Medicaid rules and laws for the long term care population.


Chad Stangeland, Division Chief

Fire Safety for Seniors

The presentation will discuss the fire and safety risks that older adults face in their day-to-day lives. Information will include an overview of the associated fire risks, along with mitigation and prevention strategies to create a safer living environment.


Emily Wangen, MT-BC/L

"Music Therapy: Moving Through Memories and Creating a Legacy"

Throughout this session, participants will be offered movement through music therapy techniques appropriate for seniors. Participants will also engage in cognitive games to enhance memory recall and listen to how a heartbeat can become a legacy gift for your family.